Reports from Annual Course held on 7th & 8th January 2009

For the second year running Carl Hester kindly agreed to teach at the F and I course at Addington. Unfortunately last year I was unable to get a place on the clinic with Carl as the places were like gold-dust and I wasn’t quick enough off the mark to apply. That taught me a lesson! Thankfully though this year I got my application in much quicker and got a place.
A lot of the other course attendees this year were also on the course last year and had taken on board what Carl had had them do last year. This meant that this year they were showing much improvement and some horses looked completely different in their way of going from when they arrived last year.
Carl worked a lot on getting the horses to be supple and submissive in all aspects of their work, whether stretching the horse to soften it, or making sure the horse was reacting in front of the leg as and when required. These themes dominated everything he did and every horse and rider benefited.
There were a lot of useful techniques and insights to take away in all levels of training from the young horse up to the advanced horse. Some that I and others noted included:

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