September Newsletter 2010

Dear Members.

Once again the year seems to have rushed through. Burghley, the WEG and Dressage championships are upon us!

The Association has had a varied and exciting schedule of events and reports are on the web site – thank you to all who supported us and who wrote the reports promptly. The days continue to represent high quality and great value post-BHSI training.

Please don’t forget Stephen Clarke’s day Mon 20th September – contact Sue Pimbley or 01253 701014 / 07717 017372.

Enclosed (with the mailed newsletter) are the details of our Annual Course at Addington. I am excited about having Adam Kemp for the dressage and Kenneth Clawson for the jumping. The feedback that they give both riders and spectators is a real motivation for the new season’s competitions and coaching. Please get your booking forms in to Ann Bostock as early as possible.

Having done six years as Chairman of the Association, I am this year stepping down as Chairman, so I am particularly looking forward to seeing you all at Addington and having a great two days.

Yours sincerely


William Blane FBHS – Chairman, F&I Association

Report from Hickstead Day, as guests of BHS 

Around 25 of us lucky souls managed to congregate at Hickstead on Saturday 31st July 2010, for what is fast becoming our social highlight of the summer – the RIHS. There were even a few BHSIs who, despite distinguished careers in the horse world, had never done the Hickstead pilgrimage – so it was quite an occasion!
For those who came early enough, there was a chance to pick up a running order for the dressage – booking one’s rendezvous in the afternoon to watch Carl, Maria and then our very own Judy, of course… and for those who preferred jumping, a good speed class to watch around the famous Hickstead show jump fences – serious fences spread out in the enormous galloping arena, on perfect going, very much on a slope under our very eyes from the BHS box. Extraordinary to think that that perfectly cared for springy turf will by the time I write this have been pulled up to insert drainage…
Of course some were simply lured by the shopping…!
A sandwich lunch watching the pony pairs driving scurry was only slightly marred by the absence of Ann Bostock who last year cheered at full volume but was this year absent for that part as she’d been called away to deliver her accompanying friend to tend a suddenly sick relative – poor Ann spent more of the day on the M25 than at Hickstead! Still, we did our best – inspired by some cracking pairs of ponies and bold driving.

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Report on F&I Association Training with Judy Harvey FBHS

For many years I have admired Judy’s riding, training and judging but thought she probably only had time to help the top flight riders such as Ruth Edge. Then I discovered that Ann Bostock is a regular customer at Great Horwood and with the training day presenting itself in the F&I news together with an unusual ‘window’ in my diary there was a perfect opportunity to be seized with both hands.
I feared the day would be full but found I was able to take two teenage ex advanced Eventers working at Adv Med but only lightly competed and I was anxious that I would appear very rusty in front of a well educated audience of BHS Instructors. On arrival I saw Ann Bostock and her horse looking warm in the lorry park after their lesson and then received a friendly welcome with hot coffee in the refreshing and much needed summer rain as I watched a lovely grey event horse ridden by Nettie Christey having a lesson. They were working on establishing the changes.
Feeling bolder now, I tacked up my first horse and entered the 20x60m school with fantastic truth telling mirrors along one short side.

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The National Equine Forum Thursday 4th March 2010 

The Annual National Equine Forum was held on Thursday 4th March 2010 in central London. As part of the Forum, and as a result of the interest shown at last year’s forum in Tim Hadaway’s presentation on Greenwich and the proposed site for the equestrian events of the 2012 London Olympics, a tour of that site was arranged for Wednesday afternoon with Tim as tour guide.
Alison Craig and I participated and, interesting and informative as the tour was, we remain sceptical about the choice of site on logistical grounds (it appears to be too small and has poor access) and the lack of any physical legacy. We do however have faith in Tim and his organising group and if, as seems, Greenwich is the venue then we’re sure if anyone can pull it off then Tim can!
For those that may have doubts about the nature and severity of the cross country phase, don’t. It won’t be a galloping course, it will be more like “Gatcombe Open”, with steep gradients, plenty of turning, accuracy at a premium and large crowds in close proximity to the course. “Handy” horses will be a necessity! But although a short course, the topography of Greenwich park will make it a stiff test.

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March Newsletter 2010

Dear Members

Once again, after the awful winter, we are steaming ahead into a late Spring.

Although we unfortuntely had to cancel our course at Addington, Jo Winfield organised a brilliant study day at Hartpury on 23rd February (see report) which also enabled us to have the Association’s AGM over the lunch break of the day, together with a committee meeting to organise this years events.

We’ve had our second event already – the representation at the excellent National Equine Forum which included a walk round Greenwich Park, site of our Olympics, (see report). Please look at the events we have planned for 2010, put them in your diaries and call the organisers now so as not to miss out. All events are with our top trainers, designed to be informal and encourage discussion, and are always great fun and well worth the effort of attending. On the social side, Hickstead is a real treat and a chance to dress up a bit, let your hair down shouting at the scurry and terrify yourself on the course walk of the Queen Elizabeth Cup. It really is a lovely day out in the company of friends.

Do you know of a Fellow or BHSI who perhaps used to be, but is now not a member? Or someone who has achieved their BHSI but somehow slipped through our net? Please encourage them to join our Association – slip them a membership form off the website! Even bring them to Hickstead.

Our Association is going from strength to strength and we also are looking for a new Secretary and newsletter compiler as Alison has done her 3 x 3 years….could it be you?

Call or email Alison for an informal no committments chat, as they say!

Finally, please try and use this website for information and dates over the coming year.

I look forward to seeing you all at some point over the year.

Yours sincerely


William Blane FBHS – Chairman, F & I Association