Report on the F and I Seminar, Hartpury College, Equine Therapy Centre

Presenters: Kathryn Nankervis MSc, CVPM, Elizabeth Launder BSc, MSc and Joanne Winfield FBHS, BSc.
Tuesday 23rd February, 2010.
This study day focused on the rider for a change, and started with a lecture from Physiotherapist Liz Launder on the importance of spinal health and good posture.
It was very interesting to know that the intervertebral discs will decompress if the subject lies flat i.e. over night and therefore allows the discs to become fuller – filling the space between the vertebrae more fully.
During the day, the intervertebral discs become compressed with standing and slumping – this is added to if the subject is a little overweight and if you wear high heels. This is also why many of us suffer from lower back pain (not because we are all overweight but because of the fact we slump or twist to alleviate lower back pain). The importance of good posture was also highlighted with a spinal model used to show the intervertebral disc space and how one side can compress and the other side become almost stretched. In fact, the main problem seems to be joint instability, leading to pain.

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Minutes of the AGM 2010

held on Tuesday 23rd February 2010
at 1330 at Hartpury Equine Therapy Centre, Glos
1.  Present:
William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Judith Murphy (Treasurer and Membership), Ann Bostock, Mandy Luesley (all Committee);
Jo Batty-Smith; Steve Banks, Carol Bennitt, Jonathan Chapman, Annette Christie, Margie Craib, Sarah Dale, Lisa Fairclough, Jennifer Ham, Caro Haynes, Nicki Herbert, Judy Houghton, Alex Hudson, Hilary Hughes, Karen Lane, Vicky McDonald, Sue Payne, Ann Peate, Di Roberts, Ann-Marie Taylor, Anna Wilkes, Jo Winfield
2.  Apologies for absence

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