Minutes of the AGM 2011

held on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7pm,
at Addington Equestrian Centre, Bucks
William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Ann Bostock, Andrew Fletcher, Sarah MacDonald, Mandy Luesley, Jo Winfield, Lizzel Winter, Sue Pimbley (all Committee);
Muriel Ambler, Lynne Baldwin, Jo Batty–Smith, Carol Bennitt, Nicole Biggs, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Annette Christie, Kenneth Clawson, Helen Cole, Margie Craib, Ernest Dillon, Cherry Elvin, Nicola Greenham Brooke, Jennifer Ham, Judy Harvey, Caro Haynes, Nicki Herbert, Hilary Hughes, Sabrina Jones, Annette Philpot, Val Lee, Oonagh Meyer, Becky Monk, Caroline Moon, Lisa Morris Sue Payne, Ann Peate, Joanna Potterton, Dianne Roberts, Jillie Rogers, David Sheerin, Justine Sole, Simon Somers, Fiona Stewart, Ann-Marie Taylor, Victoria Thirlby, Jenny Ward, Gill Watson.
Apologies for absence

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F and I Annual Course – January 2011, Addington

As always, Kenneth Clawson delivered an informative series of coaching sessions, encouraging all participants, riders and audience alike, to think and to participate.
Emphasis was on awareness of the horses’ regular stride patterns, together with control and accuracy. The Counting of Strides, and in particular the riders being challenged to be consistent in being able to ride defined numbers of strides on circles on each rein, caused some amusement!*
Although the same basic floor pattern was used for each group each day, Kenneth varied the exercises and the degree of difficulty to match each group of horses, and a good time was had by all… even those whose horses were very jolly about being out after the recent weather interruptions.
Group discussion and Question and Answer at the end of the sessions and the end of the two days further deepened our insights into Kenneth’s coaching techniques. Discussions included topics such as the complexities of working with different personalities and preferences, where Kenneth provided fascinating insights into what we’d seen in the sessions, and also commented on the preparation work behind the scenes for team occasions internationally. Much wisdom to take home for those lucky enough to stay to the end.
Many thanks Kenneth!
[*Editor’s note : Go check it out – can you ride 20 stride circles, then 16 stride circles, then (on more advanced horses) 12 and 8 stride circles, in canter, on each rein equally? It’s a great exercise and quite revealing … try using it for dressage riders too, for teaching counting!]
Report by Mandy Luesley

F&I Association Annual Course January 2011

Adam Kemp FBHS gave us two days of clear, systematic training at our annual two-day course. With 12 sessions each day he certainly had plenty to do – and we had plenty to watch and discuss.
Horses ranged from Novice to Small Tour and highlights for me included watching Adam work with Sue Pimbley on the start of passage and half-steps (Sue was thrilled with the two days and progress made). Becky Monk’s new young horse was a super ball of energy with good natural balance and Adam ensured all basics were good and in place. A horse to watch for the future.
Young horses with Carol Bennitt and Jenny Ward were of very high quality and it was evident that early training had been correct and progressive. Justine Sole’s work was outstandingly correct and thoughtful and pleasing to watch. Finally, Lizzel Winter gave us all a treat with her Inter 1 horse who shows a lot of ability at this level; Adam was always keen to ensure the horse was on the aid with excellent reactions, and their work on day two on the tempi changes and piaffe/passage was exemplary.
All members were clearly pleased with their progress and the excellent training received from Adam. Spectators on day two particularly were also able to discuss each horse with Adam, assessing its current strengths and weaknesses, its relationship with its rider, and Adam’s training strategies for that horse and rider.
Many thanks to Adam for two wonderful days of training. We all look forward to next year!
Report by Andrew Fletcher