Marketing Yourself and Your Business

Speaking personally, I find marketing quite difficult and have often felt frustrated with the BHS, that they do not promote our qualifications better. I am very proud of my qualifications and really want them to be recognised as the best training system for instructors/trainers in the horse industry. I also feel like I have wasted a lot of money on useless advertising over the years and don’t want to continue doing so! When this day was advertised I put it in my diary straight away and came along with an open mind!

Lynn Petersen gave an introduction to the day speaking ‘off the cuff.’ It was refreshing to hear about the new BHS website and that we are taking marketing and customer service more seriously now at head office and that we are planning to promote the register of instructors and all its members. I was also pleased to hear the new website is due to go live imminently and in fact it has done this week!

Emma Day, Director of Marketing, Membership and Communications was next up. She had some interesting results from the recent Instructors survey. Basically it showed word of mouth and networking are currently our favoured marketing methods. She strongly advised that when we have new enquiries we record where they came from so we can measure results. Emma was able to give us a sneak preview of some of the website features, which should include the ability to search for a specific instructor close to you, rather than produce a list of everyone in the region! Emma spoke briefly about setting up your own website, search engine website optimisation, blogging and using google maps and EMAGIN to flag your business. These are all relatively easy to do but most people seem to avoid them as it is time consuming to get set up and considered to be technically challenging! It was suggested this could be an area where people may benefit from more help. Read more Marketing Yourself and Your Business