William Miflin

In Memoriam: William Miflin 1968 – 2013.  

William was a great husband, father to Thomas and Georgia, a great horseman and a dedicated and encouraging coach. His premature departure from this world is a sad loss to us all.  William’s enthusiasm for life, his commitment to others and his selfless passion for helping and supporting those around him will be very fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

I first met William in the late 80’s and I have always been struck by his drive and determination with whatever he set his mind to achieving.

He rode successfully at four-star level with the great Passadena II, whom he produced himself and completed five Badminton’s and four Burghley’s.  He achieved an Amada dish in 1997 for five Badminton completions; a remarkable achievement in itself, made even more special as each completion was on Passadena.  As a partnership they were also long listed for two Olympic Games.

In 2000 William achieved his BHSI and also became a BE Accredited Trainer. William’s love and commitment to the Pony Club was evident in the many things that he did, from training winning Pony Club event teams through to stewarding at the Pony Club Championships for three consecutive years.

William bravely battled cancer for several years with the same positive determination that he had shown throughout all walks of his life.  All the while still coaching, helping and supporting others.

William very much appreciated the support that he received from the F and I Association.  One of the last conversations I had with William was about how much he valued and appreciated the support that had been shown to him through the gift of the iPad.  This enabled him to connect to friends unseen and keep abreast with all the news and especially for the very kind and much appreciated donations that will enable Thomas and Georgia to follow in William’s footsteps and continue their riding.  One of William’s great desires was that his children have the opportunity to enjoy and experience equestrian life as he did.

I would like to say “thank you William, you were a great friend, we will all miss you, but I for one know that I shall never forget you”.


Rest in peace, in the great hunting field in the sky.

Lizzel Winter

Spring Newsletter 2013

Since the AGM I don’t think my feet have hit the ground but my fingers are certainly getting plenty of keyboard practice at the computer.

Facebook has really taken off thanks to Sam Champney Warrener so if you’re a Facebooker it’s easy to go across to the F&I page and if you’re not, then the directives came through from Sam via Di Roberts (secretary) so have a look. Whilst at the same time Sally Newcomb keeps the web page up to date, and this is very easy to access. Profiles of your committee members can now be found on both the web page and Facebook and what a fascinating read that is a bit like the ‘horsey’ version of Rogues Gallery!!

Having made contact with David Prince editor of British Horse magazine we had our first article printed in the March/April edition. Jo Winfield has now taken on the task of sending David copy for each issue so please send her items for the articles no matter how big or small. This way we can keep ourselves in front of the public.

Sue Payne has been tasked with writing the history of the F&I Association and I know this is going to be a most interesting read for all of us.

Judith Murphy (treasurer/membership secretary) has gone through the membership lists and anyone not paying their subscription will no longer receive information. However, could everyone encourage Fellows & Instructors to join or rejoin the Association.

By the time you receive this newsletter the National Forum will have been reported on via the web page and Facebook, as will the first Training day of the year – Cross Country Training with Jeanette Brakewell at Boomerang E C, organised by Catherine Cawdron. Catherine will be organising another day with Jeanette at Somerford Park so we had better hope for some decent weather.

Darrell Scaife has moved across the members’ list into the Fellows category. Something we all congratulate you on achieving Darrell as it shows us this is a possibility with a lot of hard work and commitment. As the Dressage people tell us 10 is only excellent not perfection!

There are two items, which have really stretched my small brain. The first being to bring the F&I Association to Ireland as this is where I now live. It’s not yet complete but all the ‘Irish’ BHS Assessors are now signed up as members and I’m in the throes of tracking down Fellows and BHS I’s on this island of Ireland and inviting them to join. However this also means offering seminars lecture/demos and ridden training here and this is where the second problem has reared it’s head – INSURANCE. When I took the Chair in January there was no insurance in place for any training or other events organised by the F&I Committee anywhere. Whilst that may have been alright in the days of yore when I was last chairman I have to admit I did, to quote my youngest son, “get bent out of shape” over it this time and I know members of the Committee who’ve been bombarded by emails, will vouch to that.

After some longwinded phone calls to various people at BHS HQ, the insurers SEIB and with some help from Jo Winfield the BHS through the CEO Lynn Petersen have agreed to take us under their ‘umbrella’. SEIB have also agreed to extend the insurance to The Republic of Ireland albeit somewhat reluctantly, so we’re looking into Irish insurance for the F&I Association for 2014 for events organised here. Thank goodness my phone package allows me to call UK for free for up to one hour land line to land line.

Sadly, I must report the passing of William Miflin. There is an obituary below from Lizzel Winter who knew William.

So, now we look forward to the rest of 2013 and hopefully better weather this year, with plenty of competitions to attend with our best friend – the horse.

See you at Badminton, Hickstead or Dublin Horse Show.

Jillie Rogers

Jillie Rogers
Chairman F&I Association

National Equine Forum (NEF) March 5th 2013

Sam Champney-Warrener and myself made an early start to get to London for the National Equine Forum. We successfully negotiated the trains and the underground, not a regular occurrence for either of us!

This was the 21st Forum with a full programme of 16 speakers / presenters. The objectives of the forum are several, with the main points to debate matters that could impact on the equestrian industry. This include policy changes, scientific developments and cultural initiatives and bring them to the attention of key decision makers.
The F & I Association is a friend of the Forum, along with many key players such as the BHS and it was an excellent day to network and mix with like minded people. Sam was in demand straight away and is now undertaking a bit of live filming by Sky TV for some BHS promotion this Saturday! I’m sure we can find a link when it happens and promote her first screen appearance!
The day was split into several sections with various themes. We started with volunteers and veterinary issues on Pre-purchase examinations and Colic issues. Very relevant subjects to our industry and applicable to many of us and our clients. Without going through every presentation some of the keys points before lunch were the concerns of Defra and the possible impact of infectious disease control. This appears to be a sitting time bomb and without doubt something we all need to be aware of.
During a well needed lunch break, Sam and myself took a little walk in St James park (no photos taken or behaving like a tourist – honestly!). In the afternoon we were privileged to have HRH The Princess Royal attend the Forum and we listened to stories and discussion in the Olympic’s, the legacy, the viewpoint from the BEF and Natasha Baker MBE speaking and inspiring us all on what it takes to compete on the world stage.
Several more sessions completed the afternoon, all holding our attention with Q & A sessions interspersed to refresh and allow viewpoints from the audience to be expressed. The day was concluded by HRH The Princess Royal. A final chance to network with any of the delegates was available with afternoon tea before we departed to go home – with a last photo opportunity of Big Ben!
Full proceedings of the NEF are available on the BEF website at www.bef.org.uk. Next year’s event is on Thursday March 6th 2014, put it in the diary now as it is a day to be recommended if you have not attended before.

Report by Jo Winfield