Report on visit to Emile Faurie’s Yard 

On Monday September 30th, Cherry Elvin kindly organised a morning for Members (and friends) to visit Emile Faurie’s Yard.

It was an action packed morning with Emile giving us the opportunity to observe the training of six different horses ranging for a lovely 3 year old to Topolino, his GP horse.

The first horse was a 3 year old that he bought as a foal and had been backed approximately 8 weeks.  It was great to see the confidence that this horse had whilst being handled, lunged and then ridden for a short time.

Emile then rode a six year old – Duke Ellington, in a double bridle and explained how he likes horses to start to work in these from this sort of age.  He worked on transitions especially to quicken this horse’s hindlegs and then through some lateral work towards canter pirouettes. Read more Report on visit to Emile Faurie’s Yard 

Blenheim Horse Trials Course Walk – September, 2013

A Small group attended a course walk at Blenheim CCI3* organised by the BHS F&I Association with course designer Eric Winters, who kindly gave his time free of charge. The money collected has been donated to the Kenneth Clawson Memorial Fund.

The aim was to walk the course and understand the philosophy behind designing a course of this level at this time in the eventing calendar coupled with  the constraints of running in a parkland environment catering for a commercially run venture.

Eric explained that before he thinks about the course he considers at what time of year the competition is taking place as this would reflect on the complexity of the questions asked, offering a slightly softer course at the beginning of the season compared to one at the latter.  Another is the issue of terrain and the ability to encompass the distance of the course explaining that although the site looks big the available land is quite restricted, citing to extend the course it would have to go through a wood and that has major cost implications. Read more Blenheim Horse Trials Course Walk – September, 2013