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Other events to be added

In addition to the F & I events listed on the ‘Events’ page we are waiting for the following to be confirmed:

Cherry Elvin to organise a day with Emile Faurie

Andrew Fletcher to organise a day with Carl Hester

Jeremy Michaels and Mandy Holloway to host a coaching day

Simon Somers & Biddy Brasted Watts are organising a trip to Newmarket

Sarah Thorne is looking at a training day at Bicton College

Linda De Matteo and Sue Ricketts are planning a day in the Midlands with Eric Smiley FBHS.

David Sheerin has been tasked with organising a trip for the anniversary year (2016), this may be to Europe.

As soon as dates are confirmed, the above events will be added to the events page:

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Minutes of the AGM 2015

Wednesday 7th January 2015 at 7pm at  Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks

1. Opening welcome address by Jillie Rogers BHSI – Chairman.

2.  There was a minute’s silence in respect and remembrance of Danny Pevsner FBHS, and Lady Audrey Townley FBHS who died during 2014.

3. Attendance and apologies for absence 

Those present:

Jillie Rogers (Chairman), Judith Murphy (Treasurer), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Jeremy Michaels, Lizzel Winter, Ann Bostock, and Alison Craig (Committee).

Liz Eaton, Simon Somers, Margie Craib, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Sarah MacDonald, Mandy Luesley, Sarah Thorne, Sally Robinson, Tom Searle, Kylie Roddy, David Sheerin, Fiona Stewart, Jo Shields, Helen Cole, Karen Whiston, Annette Philpot, Annette Christey, Debbie Follett, Nicole Biggs, Anne Peate, Ernest Dillon, Jayne Smart, Sabrina Jones, Nikki Herbert, Jenny Ward, Sam York, Alice Bell, Amy Bannister, Tim Downes, Andrew Bennie, Alex Hulme, Tina Canton, Hilary Hughes, Cherry Elvin, Clare Chamberlayne, Gemma Porter-Rawlings, Sue Ricketts, Carol Bennitt, Jona Willis, Maggie Doel, Faith Ponsonby, Linda de Matteo, Judy Harvey, Sue Payne, Nick Turner, Eric Smiley, Caroline Moore. Josephine Knowles and Lynne Petersen – CEO British Horse Society.

Apologies for absence were received from the following:
Read more Minutes of the AGM 2015

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