Rider’s report from the Talland Training Day

On the 26th January 2015 we were privileged to be able to ride at The Talland School of Equitation, Under the watchful eye of Pammy Hutton FBHS.  The morning. Was split into Two groups both of which were able to ride in two sessions with a variety of horses ranging from youngsters to horses working advanced /Grand Prix.

In my group we were lucky enough to have Webster who was bought as a PSG schoolmaster, I found him an interesting ride , as you had to get him on side, but he was generous with his education and gave me a good feel for the movements required at that level.  I was also lucky to ride the lovely 16.3hh Tommy who had competed small tour and gave a super feel for the changes.  The next horse I had was Ash who originally jumped at 1.40 also competed advanced medium ,
A tall horse, who took a lot to connect but an enjoyable ride nevertheless, lastly I had Amo who works at Inter1 and started one time changes again a great schoolmistress who could offer such  education.

Also in the group horse wise were Apollo generously loaned by yard manager Claire, and Abira  who belongs to Pammy.
It was an interesting day with Top Tips thrown in by Pammy at the end of each ride, her directions being clear and concise.

A most interesting day thank you Pammy and the Talland Team, also to Jude and Jeremy for organising it .

Sally Williams

Report on F and I training day at Talland with Pammy Hutton FBHS.

Talland DayOn Monday 26th of January, a training day was held at Talland, the first one to be held here since 2008. We were obviously in for an inspirational day – much catching up having to be done!

Pammy’s aims were –

  • Helping riders find their way with the horses
  • Answering questions.

Having recently completed her UKCC level 3 – Pammy was keen to show off her ‘newly acquired coaching skills’!!!

The first group of four very brave riders rode a variety of horses, from a rather cheeky recently cut 5 year old to more established horses.

After a question about how much notice we should take of conformation whilst warming up – Pammy’s advice was to assess how the horse wants to work naturally and then ask it to do the opposite. Read more Report on F and I training day at Talland with Pammy Hutton FBHS.

A letter from Mrs Jo Knowles FBHS

Today I received a beautifully handwritten letter from Mrs Jo Knowles FBHS, she presented her sculpture of Wistful (the Pat Smallwood Award to Eric Smiley at the Annual Course) and I felt I should share some of her words with everyone.  There was an unveiling of the new Plaque which shows all the Fellows of the British Horse Society on January 30th 2015, so here I quote:

“The Fellows meeting & Jan 30th unveiling of the plaque at the BHS headquarters was very impressive.  I had no idea that I was only the 6th person to get it!  I had my BHSI and couldn’t get any information about what was expected in the FBHS so thought the best thing was to go ahead & do it to find out how much more I needed to know, so I was not in the least nervous & thoroughly enjoyed it all and to my amazement I passed in November 1954.

Thank you for a lovely day on January 7th

That was when Jo joined us at Addington Equestrian Centre and it was the first time she had seen her sculpture since she had crafted it for presentation to Malcolm Brown BHSI in 1989.

What a lovely Lady.

Jillie Rogers 6th February 2015

National Equine Forum, London 5th March

The F&I Association has two tickets for this prestigious event.  We always send two delegates, last year Carol Bennitt and Jillie Rogers attended and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.   For further information, see the events page.  Contact Judith Murphy asap if you would like to attend.