Dates for your Diaries


7th March The National Equine Forum, London

Contact Jillie Rogers,

15th March Caroline Moore FBHS Training day at Wellington Riding

Contact David Sheerin,

3rd May Badminton Course Walk with Nick Turner FBHS,

Contact Ann Bostock,

20th May Judy Harvey FBHS Training Day

Contact Ann Bostock

25th June Irish F&I Day

Contact Faith Ponsonby (this is already full)

6th Sept Burghley Course Walk with Eric Smiley FBHS

Contact Ann Bostock

15th Sept The Pammy Hutton FBHS Talland Training Day

Contact Jude Murphy


Training Day at Millfield (Danny Anholt)

A Day with the Three Fellows Ingestre (Linda De Matteo)

Show Jump Training with Alan Fasakerly (Sue Ricketts)

F&I Day at RIHS Hickstead (Jillie Rogers)

F&I Summer Camp at Wellington (David Sheerin)

Continued training towards the Fellowship (Sam Champney Warrener)

A trip to Olympia – December (Jillie Rogers)


Hartpury 24-26 March

Ingliston 7-9 April

Cavan 13-14 May

Aintree 15-17 September

Merrist Wood 22-24 September

Annual Course Jumping Report

Tuesday was an early start for Sue Ricketts and I and when we arrived at Addington at 8am we learnt our first thing…do not arrive early, you get accosted to write the report!

My focus over the course was Corinne Bracken who was our jump trainer this year.  I had never had the opportunity to observe her before but had only heard good things, so I sat down with my notebook and was suitably impressed with her training philosophy and ‘eye’ for detail.

It was interesting that Corinne took written notes when meeting her riders and horses and asked questions before repeating this information back to them and retaining and responding to this throughout the lessons.

The main focus throughout the two days was the working in, stretching and making the horses supple through the scales of training. Emphasising the horse is an athlete, the horse having more ‘bulk’ than a human, this should not be rushed, ensuring the horse is fit for purpose.  Corinne used a trotting pole serpentine exercise on both days, encouraging the riders to have a ‘plan’ and ensure the horses were relaxed before they started jumping.

Corrections were made to the riders’ positions early in the sessions, encouraging them to stretch down through the inside leg to prevent tension through the horses’ backs and using the weight through the inside of the foot, with a secure calf and soft knee as a safety blanket, absorbing softness through the hip, knee and ankle, reducing the need to use the rein.

The quality of the canter was assessed throughout, focussing on the inside leg and straightness through the outside rein without blocking the connection and energy from behind. Transitions made ‘are your friend, use them to help you’ especially when riding fences on a centre line with a change of rein….an exercise creating suppleness which in turn creates straightness. “The supple horse gives you more options so you can ride forward, collected, faster and slower” again relating back to the working-in exercise.

Corinne’s own movement around the arena meant that she viewed the horse and rider combinations from different angles, allowing her to step in and ‘teach’ when necessary as it “gives the rider confidence and skills” before returning to a more coaching mode.

Corinne’s practical, no nonsense approach showed huge empathy with the riders and horses. She stressed that we as trainers must not categorise horses and riders, and often a group lesson could be in essence three individual lessons all with the aim of improving technique and rideability, essentially through the quality of the canter and the horse creating a better energy and shape over a fence. Corinne is an avid believer in ground poles to encourage the horses to be consistent in their technique and not let the horse run into the bottom of the fence.

The differences in all levels of horses and riders were clear to see, with the young horses growing in confidence and the more experienced combinations working through straightness on curved lines and opening up their technique using parallels on related distances. These distances were shortened, firstly by the ground poles, followed by moving the front rail, to encourage the horses to lift through the shoulder and release over the back.

Feeling inspired the phrase “if you’re not winning, you’re learning” stayed with me and when I get home the hard work will start!

Thank you so much to Corinne, Ann and the committee for once again providing us with world class training and I’m counting down the days to January 2020. Many thanks also to Tim for your wonderful entertainment on Tuesday evening…although I fear the West End will not be contacting us soon!

Report by Linda DeMatteo BHSI

Annual Course Dressage Report


The underlying theme that seemed to come across from both the dressage and jumping sessions was that the horses had to be working to the contact in order to create enough power. However, this still meant that the horses had to be in-front of the leg in order to be to the contact.

During Adam’s sessions it was an absolute breath of fresh air that he talked about whether a horse should work deep or whether it should work up. There is a great sense in the horse community that we cannot be seen to be working a horse deeply without running the risk of being accused of rollkur/hyperflexion.

In the training sessions the horses had to work in a position that allowed them to bring their backs up to get them swinging through their backs. There was no greater example of this necessity to work deep than with Becky Monk’s 16hh Gelderlander, Arendo.

While assessing Becky’s horse in halt Adam could see that his natural posture was to stand with his hind legs out behind, extended through the back and high in the neck. If this horse didn’t work deep in the frame then he would never actually develop the back muscles and engagement from behind to give him the necessary degree of collection to balance himself without dropping his back.

I must stress however that Adam did not get Arendo to work deep throughout the session, he used that work to get the connection from the hind quarters to the bridle to get the contact better which in turn got the horse to work uphill and over the back.

At the points that this horse lost the softness over the back Adam would work with Becky to get Arendo deeper over the back and thus more truly into the contact once again to get the horse to work back up to the bridle.

Adam’s analysis of this thought process is that if we go to the gym, we don’t just use one piece of equipment. We would go around using different pieces to work different parts of our bodies. Therefore, we should do the same with our horses use different postures for the horse to work all the parts of the body required to carry out the tasks that the horse must complete.

Also coming through in this training ethos of Adam’s was that the rider must get the reaction required for the level that the horse is working at. For myself, riding my own Rastafari, Adam expected me to get Grand Prix reactions from both the legs and the half halts.

With these improved reactions it allowed the horse to have more Grand Prix paces and balance.

I came into the session really wanting to work on the Grand Prix canter zig zag. In tests so far, this movement has been a real issue for me to create the correct balance. After work from Adam to get better reactions and put Rasta into a correct collected canter balance for the movement, we were then sent to ride the dreaded zig zag. The balance felt so good, 3 strides left, change, 6 strides right, change, 6 strides left, change, 6 strides right, change and then 3 strides left and change at G.

Adam’s next comment “what was wrong with that then?” For the first time I didn’t make a mistake and it felt so easy, just because I had put the correct balance into the movement. I was thrilled!

Another excellent tip to come from my sessions which will be really useful while training all horses up the levels was while warming up for the Grand Prix work Adam had me ride a Grand Prix balance but to start with, ride an advanced medium line in the canter half passes and as the horse’s suppleness improved, I could then change the line to a more difficult and testing line.

I look forward over the next twelve months to working on the areas that Adam highlighted and hope and intend to show an improvement in the Grand Prix work at next year’s annual trip to Addington.

Report by Mark Cunliffe BHSI


Honoured Guests 3 New Fellows of the BHS, Ladies & Gentlemen

Each year as I stand here to give this revue, I feel that the past 12 months cannot be improved on.  But each year they are!!!  From the first day of our Annual Course in 2018 with the fabulous Christoph Hess and Chris Bartle to the end of today with this year’s superb Coaches, Adam and Corrine the past 12 months have shown the diversity of this Association, and it’s all down to YOU the members.  YOU organise the training days, the course walks the visits to studs and yards, the ‘Ladies days’ and this year from David and Wellington the two-day Camp etc etc.  I just stand here each year in awe of this group of professional horsemen and women.

I’d also like to thank all those good souls who put pen to paper, fingers to keyboards to write the reports after each day.  This is so important for those of us unable to attend.  Yes, it’s a chore but please please may I make this plea again to organisers – find someone who will put pen to paper, fingers to keyboards NOW/IMMEDIATELY.  The Facebook page so superbly organised by Sam Champney-Warrener helps so many of us keep in touch and just keeps increasing in membership., whilst Sally Newcomb does wonders with what we send her for the web page.

We are very lucky in this Association to have so many talented people prepared to work hard for us. There have been dressage days, show jump training days, and simulated XC days all carefully noted and reported on and as follow ups excellent results from our members out competing and their students.  We now have a new ORGANISERS PACK and once the date for whatever you have offered to organise draws near then the Secretary will send this pack to you by email with explanatory notes.  Please do use the information available as we have worked hard and consulted in order to ensure everything is in line with GDPR.  It is also important that if there are any accidents or incidents you use the form in the pack, this has come via two solicitors.  Therefore, the organiser will need to do a certain amount of photocopying of forms etc, there is a fee available to recompense you for doing this task, contact our treasurer Debbie Follett.

This year saw a first, the F&I Summer Camp, organised by Mr BHS Himself – David at Wellington.  I went for one day to watch and yes it was just like a Pony Club or Riding Club Camp.  The same camaraderie, people rushing around to get to all the sections they had applied for and an atmosphere of fun and dare I say it excitement.  Fortunately, as most of the campers were fairly grown-up there was no need for the strict bedtime rules, I remember from my days in Pony Club camps. Later this year following an eight-hour open heart surgery operation in August Ann Bostock, our Vice Chair, was at Newbury races on 8th November to ride in the BHS Charity 1 mile Flat race.  She had to go through a rigorous fitness test and riding test in order to qualify and even employed a personal trainer to get her to peak fitness.  Ann raised the £2000 required to ride in the race for the BHS charity Changing Lives and a further £4000 for the British Heart Foundation.  Having been placed in the first 5 Ann then had more surgery just 3 weeks later!  WOW!  Meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed the BHS Stand with lunch and chat and much betting on the horses as we overlooked the racecourse, and both the silent and open auctions.  Having done ‘sober October’ I rather over-imbibed with the prosecco and was thrilled when Alex Copeland as auctioneer called my name and waved at me a few times.  However, I have ended up with a day on the set of Martin Clunes, Doc Martin for myself and Fran.  All to the good of the Changing Lives Charity.

The previous week it had been the Fellowship, where Ann sorts the horses and ‘gofers’, she took her horse so she could ride every day & not lose fitness.  From those 4 days of examinations we now have 3 new Fellows of the BHS, Mandy Luesley, Sarah MacDonald and Andrew Bennie – fantastic – the ultimate goal for any of us and one a lot of us may well not attempt.  So, I feel now is the time for another round of applause for these people.

British Horse Magazine, this year saw a change to the name of “our” page from the Fellows & Instructors page to Coach Thought.  This slight sideways move was strongly discussed within our committee meeting in October along with two representatives from British Horse magazine.  Since then there has been a change in that section of the BHS office and Ann Baylis has stepped up to the plate.  Ann is dynamic and enthusiastic and whilst I doubt if the page will ever regain its original name it is there to promote BHS Coaches.

On November 23rd I was lucky enough to be at Saddlers Hall, Gutter Lane, London for the presentation of the BHS awards by the BHS President Martin Clunes.  What a fabulous building tucked away amongst new tower blocks and yet dating back to 1395 and even more breath-taking once inside.   Oh, my Goodness the Great and the Good were there with members of this Association collecting awards.  Sarah Simpson received The Award of Merit for excellent service to the Society and her own students over a period of years. Jon Evans gained the Accredited Professional Coach Award for a freelance coach who has made the greatest difference to their students and in the field of equestrian training.  The reason I was at Saddlers Hall was to collect the Bodynfoel Award – for excellent service in promoting the work of the Society – I’m not sure why and I’m so grateful and thrilled to have collected a lovely bronze caste horse’s head and certificate, my thanks to those who sponsored me for the Award.

Finally, on December 8th a group of members and their friends savoured the delights of a day at Aintree racecourse, ably organised by Amy Bannister Bell who is a doyenne of the racing world.  And so, ended a thrilling 2018, whilst here we are at the end of our own year with these wonderful coaches dropping into our laps whether mounted or spectating large ‘dollops’ of magical information.

Our thanks to Chris Parker and his staff who have made us so welcome at the ‘New Addington’ with all the improvements.

Thank you, David for once again producing the fabulous brochure.  You’ll find dates on the back page and I have others to give you later.

Ann Bostock is my prop and my sounding board she also ensures you don’t get all of my rants!!

My present committee have all worked so hard over the past year, thank you.

Members this is your Association we are here to listen to you. So, here’s to another exciting year for the F&I Association with each other and our friend the horse, whether in your own competing or coaching, along with the various dates we have on offer from the F&I Association.

Jillie Rogers.

AGM 8 January 2019

Minutes of the AGM 2019

Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 7.00pm

At Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks

1. Opening welcome address by Jillie Rogers BHSI – Chairman.

2. Attendance and apologies for absence

Those present:

Jillie Rogers (Chairman), Ann Bostock (Vice Chairman), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Debbie Follett (Treasurer), Jeremy Michaels, David Sheerin, Alison Craig and Danny Anholt (Committee).

Faith Ponsonby, Margie Craib, Judith Murphy, Andrew Bennie, Tim Downes, Dan Spencer, Rob Lovatt, Melissa Troup, Brendan Bergin, Ernest Dillon, Carol Bennitt, Nicole Biggs, Ann Peate, Sue Payne, Sandra Morrison, Jenny Ward, Fred Hodges, Julian Campbell, Elizabeth Allen, Ellie Halsey, Mark Cuncliffe, Becky Monk, Kylie Roddy, Lisa Morris, Clare Chamberlayne, Linda De Matteo,  Liz Eaton, Sue Ricketts, Biddy Brasted Watts, Jennifer Ham, Simon Somers, Karen Whiston, Tessa Ryley, Maggie Doel, Sam Champney Warrener, Ruth Baxter, Oonagh Meyer, Katie Partrick, Charlotte Tarrant, Alec Miles, Beth Boyes, Islay Auty, Victoria Gallantree, Kirsten Owen, William Blane, Mandy Chiffon, Sabrina Jones, Lynsey Gammon, Judy Harvey, Amy Bannister Bell, Alice Bannister Bell, Sophie Cox, Alex Hulme, Sarah Thorne, Jo Shields, Helen Martin, Gemma Porter Rawlings, Sally Jackson, Cherry Elvin, Hilary Westropp, Mandy Luesley, Nettie Christey, Angelo Telatin, Bryony Wilson, Sarah MacDonald, Sarah Stewart, Jayne Smart.

Apologies for absence were received from the following:

Eric Smiley, Frances Cattell, Vikki Hayton, Sue Charters, Carol Broad, Hayley Newman, Caro Haynes, Rosie Lord, Lizzel Winter, Becky Cooper, Hilary Hughes, Pammy Hutton, Liz Fellows, Nick Gauntlett, Wendy Suddes, Sam York, Nick Turner and Grainne Sugars

3. Minutes of last AGM (held 3rd January 2018 at Addington Manor)

Were approved as a true and accurate record and signed.

4. Matters Arising from those minutes

There were no matters arising.

5. Chairman’s Review for the Year 2018   Attached.

6. Treasurer’s Report for the Year 

See financial statement from Debbie Follett (also available after the meeting on website).  Balance at the end of 2017 was £18,712.42, the income received for 2018 was £20,120.00 and outgoings were £20,232.99.  Therefore, the balance at the end of 2018 was £18,599.43, making a loss for 2018 of £112.99.

There are 210 members on the database, 30 of whom are new Stage 5 Performance Coaches.  Facebook boasts 141 members in its closed group.

7. Dates for 2019

7th March National Equine Forum – London

15th March at Wellington Training – Caroline Moore Training Day – David Sheerin

Ingestre Stables Training Day – to be organised in the Spring by Linda De Matteo and include flat and jump. 

3rd May Badminton Course Walk with Nick Turner – Ann Bostock to arrange

Judy Harvey Day – Ann Bostock to arrange

Millfield Training Day – Danny Anholt to arrange

25th June Irish F&I Day – Faith Ponsonby

Show Jumping Training Day with Alan Fazakerley in the Summer – Sue Ricketts

Hickstead Show Jumping – Jillie to arrange

British Dressage National Championships – to include observation and study groups.

6th September Burghley Course walk with Eric Smiley

15th September Talland Training Day – Jeremy Michaels and Judith Murphy

December – discussion of a box at Olympia or similar.

8. Meet the present Committee/Election of Committee for 2019

The present committee of Jillie Rogers, Ann Bostock, Debbie Follett, David Sheerin, Di Roberts, Alison Craig, Jeremy Michaels and Danny Anholt introduced themselves to the members.

Committee members up for re-election were Ann Bostock, David Sheerin and Sam York.  Jillie Rogers was up for her final term of 3 years.  All were unanimously re-elected by the members present.

Both Jeremy Michaels and Dianne Roberts were stepping down from the Committee due to work commitments.  Both Jeremy and Dianne were presented with Thank-you gifts for their hard work on the Committee.  Alison Craig will take over the role as Hon Secretary from Dianne for the near future.

As Jeremy and Dianne stepped down, both Mandy Luesley and Amy Bannister Bell were introduced to members for the 2019 committee.

Mandy was voted onto the Committee, nominated by Nicole Biggs and seconded by Margie Craib.

Amy was voted onto the Committee, nominated by Sally Jackson and seconded by Alex Robarts and Tim Downes.

The dates of the Annual Course for 2020 and 2021 will be:

7th and 8th January 2020

5th and 6th January 2021

Put these in your diary now.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 David Sheerin addressed the F&I AGM to inform members of a BHS GM which was held on the 5th January at Abbey Park about the proposed changes to the BHS Constitution.  At the beginning of the meeting an EGM was called by 12 people regarding a loss of confidence in the Board & the Chairman of the BHS.  However, by the end of the day this request was withdrawn by those 12 people. There was much discussion throughout the day and the outcome was that the Board of Trustees will return to the Constitution as no vote was made.  The BHS will communicate after taking legal advice as to how the vote for the constitutional changes can be concluded. 

9.2 Simon Somers brought up two AOB points:

  1. The F&I page in BH Magazine should be reflected to be F&I page (not anything to do with the BHS).  Those who read the magazine should know what the page is.  The feeling of all members was unanimous.   Jillie will discuss with Ann Bayliss on Wednesday 9th during her visit.  This could be a good way to advertise F&I Association and members and all present felt that it was very important that the page remains F&I. 
  2. The F&I Association has gone from strength to strength, this has raised the profile of the BHS and he strongly felt that the F&I Association do not need to lose their identity.

10. Remembrance:

There was a minute’s silence in respect and remembrance of Helen Webber FBHS and Lynne Baldwin BHSI who both sadly passed away during 2018. 

11. Presentation of Awards

Gifts and thanks were given to all those who ran Study Groups during the course:

Islay Auty, Mandy Luesley, Jeremy Michaels, Sarah MacDonald, Tim Downes, Carol Bennitt, Kylie Roddy, Sabrina Jones, Danny Anholt, Andrew Bennie, Jenny Ward, Judith Murphy and David Sheerin.

The CEO of the British Horse Society – Lynn Petersen presented the awards:

The Pat Smallwood Award

The wonderful Pat Smallwood trophy “Wistful” uniquely sculpted by the late Jo Knowles FBHS was presented this year to Jeremy Michaels FBHS. This award is presented to the person that the Committee of the F&I Association felt had put exceptional effort into the Equestrian Industry and F&I in a voluntary capacity. 

The Tom Searle Award 

This new award, now in its second year, was donated by David Sheerin in remembrance of Tom Searle and will be awarded to a person who the Association considers demonstrates all the elements of being Supportive, Involved and Inspirational within the Association, just as Tom was.  This award was presented by Lynn Petersen to Amy Bannister Bell.

The Achievement Award,

This award which originated in 2016 is for a member who has shown determination and commitment to the path they want to follow, having empathy and understanding with the welfare of the horse at heart.  This was awarded to Caroline Moore FBHS and will be presented to her in March at Wellington Riding.

The BHS Fellowship Certificate was presented to Mandy Luesley, Sarah MacDonald and Andrew Bennie by this year’s trainers Corrine Bracken and Adam Kemp FBHS.

19.55 hrs End of AGM. 

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