Well, that’s Ladies Day at Hickstead done and dusted for another year. Not so many of us there this year, but the same amount of fun to be had. Royal Dublin Horse Show has finished with GB winning the Nations Cup on a really awful day, weather wise. So, is it really all downhill till Christmas?? The weather here is appalling there are acres and acres of harvesting still to be done with some very flattened crops looking very under ripe and l’m seriously thinking of lighting the drawing room fire!!

Back to more serious stuff, once again people have pulled out all the stops and provided this Association with some great days. On an evening in January I was lucky enough to watch Caroline Moore in action at ‘Wellies’ and felt very honoured to present her with the F&l Association’s Achievement Award as she had been unable to attend our AGM earlier in the month.

March then heralded the National Equine Forum which is always a delight to be able to attend. This was my second visit and I was interested to be there because of all the discussions regarding Brexit and the ‘hard border’ between Northern lreland and lreland, and these are still ongoing. Back to Wellies with Caroline in full swing for an F&l course so ably organised by David Sheerin.

May must mean the Badminton Course Walk and hard on its heels the ‘Judy Day’ with Judy Harvey. Both these fabulous events are organised by our Vice Chair Ann Bostock.

June was a busy month. A visit to West Kingston Stud, a first, and those who attended were amazed at the huge amount of information gained, not just a visit to a stud, thanks Debbie for taking that on and huge thanks to Tessa Clarke for her invitation. Whilst in the North West Kirsten Owen hosted the day with Andrew Bennie at Myerscough International Arena. Andrew his usual imitable self as he coached all day. Ruth Baxter engaged the talents of lan Stark for a Course Walk at Bramham, whilst if it’s June it has to be The lrish Day!! Once again Faith Ponsonby reached into her ‘sack’ of friends and colleagues and pulled out a visit to Jessica Harrington’s racing yard. Yo, that woman is some star Trainer with fabulous facilities. This was followed by a most interesting trip to the lrish National Stud with a well-versed gentleman giving us so much background knowledge of the history of the stud as well as up to date information on the stallions.

LOOKING FORWARD. So, the reason for a Newsletter at this time of the year is to remind you of what’s in store.

6th September Course Walk at Burghley with Eric Smiley. This day is organised by Ann Bostock, but hosted this year by Sandra Morrison as Ann will be judging in Poland. So, all contacts and bookings made through Ann please on 07889648478.

MEET Sandra at fence 2 at 9.45am With your monies if you are paying cash. £15 F&l  £20 non – members, but preferably pay by cheque or BACS to Debbie our Treasurer.

9th September F&l Day at lngestre Contact Linda De Matteo A7798676769

16th September The Pammy Hutton day at Talland, Contact Debbie Follett on debbiekayfoll@email.com BY September 9th

24th – 26th September F&l Camp at Wellington Riding hosted & organised by David Sheerin Coach Eric Smiley Contact David.

13th September SADLY the day with Jenny Ward BD List 1 Dressage Judge, at the BD National Championships has had to be cancelled due to a lack of attendees. ln order for the day to be successful Ann Bostock needed to book a block of 11 seats under the covered stand. lt was then decided we would run with 6 attendees but we wanted these people to be F&l members. Jenny would then coach them through the lnter 1 tests being ridden in front of the judges, but with only three applicants we have had to cancel the day. Jenny is happy to accommodate us again next year so as soon as we have the date it will be advertised.



Jen Burnet is in the throes of setting up the most fabulous day on NOVEMBER 6th AUCHTERARDER PARISH CHURCH HALL AUCHTERARDER PERTHSHIRE PH3 1DF.

SADDLERY & SADDLERS. Jen has invited the following manufacturers FAIRFAX, WOW, VOLTAIRE, CHILDERIC, DEVOUCOUX & BATES.

She has the most interesting day planned with speakers and the opportunity to visit the stands and get that discount as well as a ‘goody’ bag.

So, watch this space, we will advertise that day much more as we will open it to all comers. We are working on ticket prices but lunch will be included in those prices.

ANNUAL COURSE 2020. Addington Manor 7th & 8th January

Once again, our Coaches will be Corinne Bracken SJ Accredited Coach Show Jumping and Adam Kemp FBHS Dressage.

Please note the costs of the Riding places are held at last year’s prices. F&l Spectator fees are also held at last year’s prices as is the 4-course dinner. WHY? Because this is Your Association and we want as many of you to attend as possible. The local accommodation is good especially as it’s January so look on line and book as soon as possible.

After lunch on day 1 we envisage having a session upstairs for members to ask Corinne & Adam about their training methods and ethos. This will slightly affect riding numbers so get your entries in to Ann as soon as that door opens.

There will be a small increase in the stabling and this will be payable direct to Addington.

This time we are going to monitor more closely the riders’ grooms – so whilst owners are most welcome to watch their own horse being coached there will be one name badge per rider for their groom, after that spectator fees will be in place.

The Annual Course runs at a loss and the Committee are fine with that as there is money in the bank, thanks to the wonderful people who organise the training days throughout the year. The Membership has not been increased for YEARS and won’t be.

MEMBERS enjoy the rest of your summer and the autumn/winter competing. I look forward to seeing ALL of you at the Annual Course in January

Report from Hickstead – July 27th 2019

Ladies Day at Hickstead dawned bright and clear – and it didn’t actually rain!  I look forward every year to a day at the Royal International Horse show, watching Show Jumping from the BHS box overlooking the main arena, and meeting up with friends.

It has now become an annual event for the Campbells, Anne and I.  We arrived just after 10am, and parked close to the trade stand area just over five minutes’ stroll from the box.

From the BHS Alex Copeland welcomed us and hosted the day with Michele Carmen.  Coffee was provided on tap with plenty of refills and a splendid buffet lunch with wine and scrummy desserts.  Lunch was consumed with chit-chat and catch-up.  After lunch we had the opportunity to walk the 1.5m course for the Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

The thing that takes the breath away is the size of the fences. Distances, both related and combinations, were standard.  However jumping a large spread fence at 1.40+ to a fairly short double of uprights, on a dog-leg, on eight strides, was quite a challenge.  Some did eight, some did seven, and one did six!   As one would expect the standard was high in everything seen – Show Jumping, Showing, Driving. The BHS Box offers one of the best views of the arena, you can see most of the arena and what you cannot see directly is on two large screens.

The trade stands were right outside and busy and offered an excellent range of horse gear covering a wide price range. There was also International Dressage just a stroll away.

The weather was kind, the food was excellent, the location at the side of the main arena was second to none and Jillie was her usual buoyant cheery self with Fab Fran taking photos. It was a privilege to be there, and slightly sad there were not more of us. Just over twenty! The price is superb for what we get, and the venue is outstanding – and we must fill the box next year.

I am looking forward to next year, come and join us for a great Saturday.

Julian Campbell July 2019

Letter from the BHS – BHS Trustee Election 2019

Dear all,

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2019 Trustee Election which were made public at the Election Board Meeting that took place on Tuesday at Head Office. Following the ballot open to all members of the Society, four new Trustees have joined the Board to bring their wealth of experience to the Society’s governance process. We also say goodbye to our retiring board members, Chairman, David Sheerin, Lotta von der Heyde (Vice-Chairman), Kirsty Handel, Christine Worthington and Martin Clemmey.

The election result was as follows:

  • BHS Specialist Trustee – Education: Sarah Simpson
  • BHS Trustee –Sally McCarthy received 1467 votes
  • BHS Trustee – Tim Lord received 1225 votes
  • BHS Trustee – Fran Mason received 1143 votes
  • BHS Trustee –Anita Quigley received 1141 votes
  • BHS Trustee –Brenda Watson received 736 votes

A total of 2373 individual members voted with each member having a choice to cast up to three votes. The voting process was carried out by an independent third party, Mi-Voice.

Tim Lord has taken on the role of Interim Chairman, elected by his fellow Trustees and a Vice-Chairman will be selected at the September Board meeting (4 September 2019). Diane Tranter, Specialist Trustee for Access, Jane Domhill Specialist Trustee for Strategic Commercial and Business Development and Ken Law Specialist Trustee for Safety remain on the Board of Trustees, each with a further term to share in accordance with their previous appointment. The new Board is in the process of recruiting Specialist role of Treasurer.

A message from the Interim Chairman, Tim Lord; “David Sheerin has been a remarkable Chairman for The British Horse Society and we are very grateful to him for his dedication and passion during his three years as Trustee and latter three years as Chairman. As David has completed the maximum six year term, my fellow Trustees and I would like to take the opportunity to thank David and recognise some of the major BHS achievements under his guidance and governance.

The Society has soared to new heights with David as Chairman, building on the solid foundation passed on to him by Chairmen and Trustees past. During our 70th year we reached our landmark 100,000 members, an achievement that David was immensely proud of and rightly so. With accolades including an increase in membership income of 70%, a growth in professional staff of 60% and reaching a volunteer resource of over 1000 volunteers. David will leave an indelible mark on The British Horse Society. During David’s tenure the BHS Education System was modernized and the Equine Excellence Pathway launched leading to a 53% increase in candidates seeking professional qualifications.  With the launch of the Challenge Awards in 2019 the BHS now has an offering for recreational riders, making the education system more accessible to a larger proportion of our growing membership. An advocate for all of our activities, David has worked tirelessly to promote and enhance our activities across Education, Welfare, Access and Safety to make us a leading voice within the equestrian industry, for the benefit of horses across the UK and Internationally.

Very best wishes,
Sarah Phillips
Chief Operating Officer

Dorothy Johnson FBHS

Dorothy Johnson, Fellow of the BHS passed away peacefully at home on 26th June, aged 96. Wife of the late Cyril Johnson. They ran the Northern equitation Centre in Aughton, Lancashire for many years before going freelance. She taught the Merseyside Mounted police for 30 years retiring at 88. She taught many many people across Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire. She had written a book and had a tv series with Yorkshire Television; All About Riding.

She’s leaves daughter Janet, son in law Alan and granddaughter Ellie.

Report from the North West Training day with Andrew Bennie FBHS

Myerscough International Arena, 20th June 2019

The topic of the day was ‘Suppleness and Straightness within the Jump Arena’. We were all looking forward to Andrews’s wealth of knowledge and experience, plus the opportunity to catch up with friends and fellow peers.

The morning started with a couple of hours of flatwork, Andrew worked with horses of various levels, and throughout, the theme was ensuring the rider maintained their own balance and posture, therefore enabling the horse to balance and cover the ground in a correct rhythm and tempo. Riders were encouraged to improve the suppleness of the horses by being clearer when performing lateral movements, ensuring the horse was correct and soft around the inside leg, lighter in the shoulder and showing greater self-carriage. A perfect chance to brush up on correct positioning, and get test ready. Some very helpful pointers, greatly received, to get the extra mark in our next test!

The rest of the day consisted of jump sessions, Andrew started each session working horses over a grid, assessing the horses confidence and ability. The 4 year olds had chance to play with some poles first, giving them time to think and work out what was required, then progressed to the grid in a sensible manner. Each group went from the grid, then linked two related distances around the arena, so to encourage forward thinking and fluency.

Much was discussed about the technique and suppleness of each horses jump, and how the grid could be altered to assist with the training and development of the individual horses. Wide parallel’s/ double of cross poles as a spread/ V poles and straightening poles were all used throughout the day. Andrew explained he wanted to encourage the horse to think more, and during the day, referred to the horse’s confidence or lack of security and how as riders/ trainers we can offer so much support to the horses, by our feel, giving the horse time and again… encouraging the horse to think and assess what is required.

During the jump sessions, discussions and feedback from each rider was encouraged, riders were engaged and very keen to improve the feelings they were experiencing. At one point in the day, even though much was discussed about stride patterns and what the horse was comfortable with, Andrew still encouraged ‘Riding with your Instinct!’ as ‘sometimes you have to just go with what you feel’

Andrew was clear, calm and explained everything in an easy manner, he promoted the harmony within the horses and riders and everybody took much from the day, and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

The only complaint of the day was ‘Please turn the Air Conditioning on! This must be the warmest indoor arena I’ve been in!! I can assure you its lovely in winter!

From all that attended, Thank you Andrew for a fantastic day!

Report by Kirsten Owen BHSI