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March 16, 2017


We are reaching out to you as a valued member of the British Horse Society’s coaching system. As you are aware, the British Horse Society is in the process of updating and modernising its assessment system. As a result of this we are recruiting for Fellows and BHSIs to support us as Assessors for the exciting new qualifications.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to engage with this process by attending new Assessor training at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell from 9th– 12th October this year and would really appreciate your involvement if you feel it is something you could add to your already very busy schedule!

Following successful completion of this training, you would then be asked to shadow an experienced Assessor for 2 assessments prior to flying solo!

If you would like become part of our Assessor team, please complete the form below and return to me at your convenience. 

I do hope that you will consider joining us on our exciting journey!

Yours sincerely

Michele Carman

Operations Manager Education

07966 215964

02476 840539

Click here for application form: Assessor new Application form

Congratulations Sam York FBHS

Congratulations to Sam York on gaining the prestigious qualification of Fellow of The BHS.  This after two gruelling days spent under the spotlight.  Not only is Sam now Ms Sam York FBHS but she works hard for the F&I Committee in what little spare time she may find.

Photo – Sam competing at Belton Horse Trials,
photo by kind permission of ES Photography

Treasurer & Membership Secretary Vacancy

Our current hon. treasurer for the F&I Association, Judith Murphy FBHS is due to step down from her role as hon. treasurer and membership secretary in January 2018.

We would like to welcome any interested person to apply in writing for consideration of this role for the F&I Committee, treasurer and membership secretary directly to Jillie Rogers at:

AGM Agenda 2017


To be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire
Wednesday 4th January 2017 at 7pm


  1. Opening address by Jillie Rogers BHSI (Chairman)
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the AGM 6th January 2016 to be approved
  4. Matters arising
  5. One minute’s silence for Pippa Francis BHSI and Jo Knowles FBHS
  6. Chairman’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Meet the Committee followed by elections of Committee for 2017– Danny Anholt to be voted on to Committee and re-election of Hon Secretary Di Roberts
  9. An overview of 2016 and events
  10. Plans for 2017 and beyond
  11. AOB all items for AOB to be sent in writing to Jillie Rogers by 02/01/17
  12. Date of next AGM
  13. Presentation of awards by the BHS CEO Mrs Lynn Petersen

Congratulations to Islay Auty FBHS

The BEF medal of honour awarded to Islay
The BEF medal of honour awarded to Islay

Islay Auty FBHS was awarded a BEF medal of honour at Olympia. After receiving the medal she said: “The honour of being nominated for [a BEF medal of honour] by the BD board and it being endorsed by the BEF, I have found quite overwhelming and I thank everyone who made the award happen. I do what I do because it is my passion and has been all my life, I love every minute of it and to be recognised for that extra effort is amazing. This evening I found myself in a line up for awards which included Olympians Fiona Bigwood and Spencer Wilton and the wonderful Alan Davies (‘Blueberry’s’ groom). To share an award with our iconic Olympians was such a privilege. So with my greatest supporter husband David looking on I enjoyed every minute of a memorable evening.”

The F & I Association congratulate Islay on her thoroughly well deserved award.

Philippa Mary Francis BHSI

Members of the association will have been shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely death from cancer on September 28 of Pippa Francis, aged 58.

Not only was Pippa a BHSI, but also a BHS examiner from 1989 to 2003,  BD dressage judge, Programme Area Manager at Warwickshire College for Equine and Farriery, Secretary/Treasurer of the F & I Association from 1995/2000 and from 2003 a schools and colleges inspector with OFSTED.

Pippa passed her BHSAI in 1976 – the same year as Patrick Print FBHS!!

Two years later she obtained her BHSII and in 1983 her BHSI.

Lorna Walters BHSI recalls that in 1983 she spent 11 months with Iris Kellett the legendary Irish international showjumper and her husband John Hall FBHS (both now deceased) at their celebrated equestrian centre near Dublin. It was here that Lorna met Pippa who was working there, preparing students for BHS exams and competing her own horse Felix and John Hall’s Rowanstown in dressage.

On return to the UK, Pippa started lecturing at Warwickshire College, becoming Programme Area Manager in charge of Equine and Farriery.

“She was an excellent manager,” Dr Richard Pearce, who worked with Pippa affirms. She was not afraid to make decisions, to stand by them and you knew where you stood with her.”

I first met Pippa when examining at a BHS Stage 2 exam. I wanted to pass a jumping candidate. Pippa didn’t and I lost the argument!!

As my manager at Warwickshire College, Pippa was perceptive and supportive, always approachable and any advice given helpful and valid.

One of the horses Pippa trained Minnow is still at Warwickshire College today. Many successful BHS Stage 3 and 4 show jumping candidates who sat their exams at Moreton Morrell probably owe their pass in this section to Minnow.

Bunkey Villa, the grey ex racehorse Pippa competed successfully at BD had established flying changes and the look of sheer joy on students’ faces as they felt their first flying change on Bunkey is lasting testament to Pippa’s training skill.

Carole Broad FBHS said:” She sat for a while on Q & T (BHS exams advisory group) and could always be relied on to see both sides of the coin. She was such a kind, gentle person who was also extremely professional.”

However Pippa had a marked career change in 2003 when she joined OFSTED as an inspector. The December 2014 Ofsted Chief Inspector’s Annual Report noted Pippa’s Doctorate in Education (gained while with Ofsted) with research interests in pedagogy in further education and noted that she “regularly leads college inspections and also inspects secondary schools.”

In 2013/14 Pippa led a national survey on teaching, learning and assessment across the further education and skills sector, published in September2014.

Thus Pippa’s contribution to the education sector was as significant as her contribution to the equine world. Both spheres have benefited from the influence of a dignified professional with integrity and strong moral values.


PS Donations for Cancer Research UK and/or Macmillan Cancer Support can be sent to Peasgood & Skeates, Shire Hill, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3AQ

Jo Knowles FBHS

trophy-thumbnail_10872867_632409506864042_5913917136785480194_oI am sad to hear that Jo Knowles has passed away.  I first met Jo in the late 1980’s at a BHS Convention at Stoneleigh.  I was immediately taken with her gentle, kind and knowledgeable attitude to everything.

We talked about various things throughout the day and Jo was particularly interested in the Pat Smallwood award.  It then transpired that Jo was a very accomplished Sculptress.  I was one of the Trustees of the award.  Jo offered to design and make a trophy to be awarded to the winner each year.

When the Trophy arrived I was amazed by its beauty.  The bronze of the horse’s head and neck was stunning.  It is now presented by the F & I Association to a member at each AGM, for services to the BHS/F&I Association.

As the current holder of the trophy, I delight in seeing it every day.  At an AGM about 3 years ago, Jo was persuaded to come and present the trophy to the winner.  I asked Jo if she had named the trophy and she said “no”.  After considerable thought she said she would like it named after a favourite foal she had bred.  She said Wistful was a cheeky foal and had a mind to jump anything!  She would jump the show jumps alone when turned out in a paddock.  Jo evented her with great success in the show jumping and cross country, but Wistful was not compatible with dressage!

There is now a plaque on the trophy engraved – “Wistful.  Designed and sculpted by Jo Knowles FBHS”.  I sent Jo photos of the trophy and the new engraving last January.  She wrote to me showing great appreciation.

Another matter that Jo told me about at the Convention, was her trips to Iceland on behalf of the BHS. She loved the horses and people in Iceland and went there many times.

We have lost a very special Fellow.

Sue Payne

September 2016

Have you considered taking the Fellowship exam?

The Fellowship exam will be taking place on 21 and 22 February 2017, at Warwickshire College.

The BHS Fellowship is the highest recognised professional standard across the equine industry and is internationally recognised.

Taking place across two days, candidates will be assessed on coaching skills, practical demonstrations, theoretical knowledge, stable management and the history of equitation.

Fewer than 80 people hold the FBHS qualification, which is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world.

If you are a BHSI and think you have the skills, knowledge and passion to become a BHS Fellow then forward a CV, cover letter and fee of £286 to the Education Department by 30 September. CVs can be emailed to Jenny Wall,   If your CV is accepted you will be invited to apply for the exam.  If you do not feel ready to apply this time, your CV may be held on file for up to 5 years.

Danny Anholt FBHS 

“To hold the BHS Fellowship is the ultimate acknowledgement of a lifetime dedicated to the training of horses and riders.  It is a great honour and acknowledgement of which I am immensely proud, yet humbled by the responsibility and commitment it demands.

To have passed the exam just before it was bestowed on the legendary Carl Hester brought a stark revelation of the level of expertise and talent embraced within this elite group of professionals.”

Jo Winfield FBHS

“I personally believe that you can never stop learning and after several years gap from achieving my BHS Instructors I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge and skills in the broadest environment.  The Fellowship was the perfect qualification for me to grow and develop as a person and a trainer.  It has opened up so many opportunities for me that I never thought possible.”

Judith Murphy FBHS

“When I started my BHS examinations, I didn’t know what the Fellowship was. However, over the years it seemed unachievable and only the few passed.  But it really isn’t like that, if you want it, it is there for everyone.  The Fellows need ordinary, practical people to take this qualification forward.  Good luck to those who apply!”

Jeremy Michaels FBHS

“Ever since I started working with horses and began taking BHS qualifications, my focus and ambition was to pass the Fellowship exam.  Yes, the road can be long and there is the odd pot-hole along the way, but when you reach the end, the journey was definitely well worth taking.”

Jillie Rogers BHSI

“Unfortunately this much desired qualification passed me by, as at the time I was “not in the right place”. However, I have the greatest admiration for those who have attempted the examination and even more for those who have achieved it.”

Di Roberts BHSI

“The Fellowship qualification is what I can aspire to.  I am on a journey and working towards it. Although it is a long and windy road, I am enjoying the journey!”

Ann Bostock BHSI

“My involvement over the years has been as the organiser of the horses and pupils for various FBHS exams.  It has given me great pleasure to see the progress not only of this qualification but of those successful colleagues.  One should not forget others who have taken that huge step onto the Fellowship ladder and may not had the best of days, these are still the mainstay of the Fellows & Instructors Association.”

Click here for a printable pdf of the above 

The BHS announces £250,000 investment in the instructors of tomorrow

At its national convention at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire, The British Horse Society today announced a brand new initiative to support the future of riding instructors. 

The BHS Instructors Scholarship aims to increase the number of qualified BHS Assistant Instructors (BHSAI) across the UK. Over the next five years the BHS will invest £250,000 in this significant education initiative. BHS Chief Executive, Lynn Petersen, said: “Education is at the heart of The British Horse Society. As more and more people turn to riding as a leisure pursuit, we want to make sure they have access to the best instruction. Learning to ride properly is vital for the welfare of the horse while making sure the rider is safe and having fun.

“The BHS is committed to providing BHS qualified instructors for all riders, so we are delighted to be making this investment in the education of our future instructors.”

The objectives of the scholarship are: • To ensure the industry is supplied with well-qualified, inspirational instructors • To support talented individuals to achieve a successful career in the equestrian industry • To provide support to BHS Approved Centres Anyone who would like to benefit from this opportunity should visit for more information and to download an application form.

Scholarship in memory of Margot Tiffany BHSI

The Fellows & Instructors Association has pleasure to announce the news of an important new scholarship through the BHS, in memory of our own Margot Tiffany BHSI.  It was announced by Lynn Petersen BHS CEO at our AGM on 6th January 2016, and is aimed at supporting the development of our next generation of talented BHSAI’s.

From Lynn Petersen, BHS Chief Executive Officer

Dear Member of the F&I Association

We hope you have all had an enjoyable and productive 2015 and are looking forward to an exciting 2016. We would like to thank you for your support of the BHS throughout the year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about the exciting new changes that are taking place within the education department of the BHS.  We are updating and refreshing our training and exams and improving our marketing to ensure we provide better quality customer care.  Throughout 2016 and beyond we will be working to map and actively promote the training provision across the country.  In addition 2016 will see us launch a scholarship scheme to support the next generation of instructors and coaches employed in BHS Approved Centres and Livery Yards.

BHS Instructor Development Scholarship

As the largest provider of equestrian education and qualifications in the UK, it is our duty to inspire those individuals who will truly make a difference to the future of our sector.  Our experience has shown us that to reach the level of qualification necessary to aspire to a constructive equestrian career can cost a considerable amount, which is often the stumbling block for many talented individuals.

The initial aim of the scholarship is to increase the number of qualified BHS Assistant Instructors (AI) across the country.  It is hoped that by supporting these talented individuals we will strengthen the equestrian industry, providing it with additional qualified instructors who have gained a valuable industry recognised qualification. The Scholarship is to enable the individual to train and gain industry experience to create a well-rounded and knowledgeable instructor.  In addition to contributing towards the costs of training, the BHS will also provide funding towards the cost of the BHS Stage 3 and PTT examinations and the first year on the BHS Register of Instructors.

At the heart of this scholarship, is a celebration of the life and legacy of Margot Tiffany BHSI. We are honoured to have received a legacy for this scholarship in Margot’s name as well as contributions from many of her friends and close family members.  Margot served as a BHS Trustee from 2008-2011 with particular interests in qualifications and training, education and welfare. Margot’s tireless hard work and continuing advocacy of high standards make her an enduring figurehead for this scholarship. Each year, together with her family the BHS will present the Margot Tiffany Award to those candidates which successfully pass this scholarship. 

From Margot’s legacy and our own fundraising efforts, we are aiming to fund a minimum of ten scholarships in the first year with an ambition to grow this opportunity over the years to come.  We will have two application windows, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.  All applications must be received by Friday 29th April 2016 for the Spring scholarship and Friday 28th October 2016 for the Autumn scholarship.

A selection panel of BHS Centre proprietors, staff members and leading relevant industry experts will review all applications and the top applications from each period will be awarded a scholarship.

If you have a talented individual working at your centre, or a centre near you, who would truly benefit from this scholarship, please encourage them to fill in an application with as much information as possible and return it by the deadline.

We look forward to working in partnership with you.

Yours sincerely


Lynn Petersen

Chief Executive Officer


Click here for The British Horse Society Instructors Development Scholarship – Guidance Document

Click here for Application form

Do you have your FBHS or full BHSI?

For those of you who are Full Instructors of the BHS i.e. you have your FBHS or full BHSI qualification we would like to draw to your attention that you are eligible to join the Association of Fellows and Instructors of the BHS.

The Association, or “F&I” as it is commonly known, is designed by FBHSs and BHSIs, like yourself, to fulfil a need for further training and development, and to be a vehicle through which we can all keep up with current events and future developments in our senior coaching world.

Chaired by the redoubtable Jillie Rogers BHSI, and with a strong and diverse committee of Fs and I s to assist her, membership is currently around 200.   We put on training days, visits, course walks, study days of all types, from top level discipline coaching, to yard management, to the latest training and veterinary techniques.   Events take place across the UK and Ireland, and they will enable you, one of our most qualified coaches, to gain access to top names, interesting locations, wise advice and an enjoyable exchange of ideas with peers.  And we run our own much-sought-after 2 day Annual Course in January each year.

The group knows how to have fun too – the recent post-AGM dinner and evening entertainment, with attendance limited to F&I members only, was widely acclaimed as a very enjoyable evening for all!   We even have a carefully maintained closed-group Facebook page which is proving handy for those who use it.

All FBHSs and BHSIs are welcome, wherever you are based.   The subscription is astonishing value at only £20 a year.  And if you’ve just passed your BHSI the first year is free!  Check out the website – – or get in touch directly with Treasurer / Membership officer Judith Murphy FBHS on 07710 759901.  We look forward to welcoming you at our events this year.