Margot Tiffany BHSI

Margot Tiffany receiving the Bodynfoel Award from BHS President Martin Clunes in 2012
Margot Tiffany receiving the Bodynfoel Award from BHS President Martin Clunes in 2012

The BHS and F & I Association have been shocked and saddened by the unexpected death of former trustee Margot Tiffany BHSI at home on Thursday 9 April.

Based in Yorkshire, Margot began her equestrian career with the Staintondale Pony Club, passing her ‘A’ Test and never looking back.

Achievement of the BHSI qualification ultimately followed and few equestrian organisations have not benefited from Margot’s experience and expertise.  In particular, British Riding Clubs and British Dressage offer her an enormous debt of gratitude for her tireless work.

Margot was a passionate advocate of The British Horse Society qualification system and successfully trained innumerable candidates.  Her pioneering teaching efforts in China led to two individuals gaining the BHSAI qualification – a source of enormous pride for this dedicated lady.

Always able to bring people together in her true belief of the Society’s aims and objectives, Margot volunteered on several County Committees, taking the Chairman’s seat on no less than three occasions for BHS Merseyside, BHS Durham and BHS North East Yorkshire.

Margot also served as a BHS Trustee from 2008 to 2011 with particular interests in Qualifications and Training, Education and Welfare.

Year after year Margot rose to the challenges facing her, always cheerful, optimistic and skilfully able. One of Margot’s close friends described her as “Yorkshire through and through – like a stick of Scarborough rock”!

The horse world held Margot in high esteem, not least for her wisdom, sense and sensibility – qualities integral to her roles as an International Trainer, Judge and Chief Examiner. Her achievements were recognised in 2012 when she received the prestigious Bodynfoel Award for excellent service in promoting the work of the BHS (pictured). Margot promoted goodwill and collaboration across the equestrian community and her contribution to the continued success of the Society was without question.

BHS Chief Executive Lynn Petersen said:

“We are all shocked by the sudden loss of our lovely friend. Margot was one of a kind, beloved by everyone who knew her.

Countless horses and riders around the world owe their very existence to her talent for developing potential. Margot Tiffany was an ambassador for all that is best about horses and riders and the BHS…and we will miss her.”



Lady Audrey Townley FBHS

A Fellow of the BHS, although not a member of this Association, Lady Audrey Townley nee Horne died aged 96 on 30th September 2015. One of the BHS’s earliest members and a published author she gained her Fellowship in 1954 one of only 20 at the time. Lady Townley had the successful Borwick Riding School, she retired to Dalbeattie in Scotland in her late 60’s, a popular person who left a legacy of dedication and enthusiasm amongst her students.

Danny Pevsner FBHS

The British Horse Society is sad to announce the death of Daniel (Danny) Pevsner FBHS, who has passed away in Israel aged 73.

Having suffered from cancer for the last few months, Danny had returned to his native Israel to be with his daughter.

He will be acutely missed and remembered across the globe for his great skill and knowledge, which was developed as a Fellow of the BHS and as a former pupil of The Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

William Micklem offered these words in memory of Danny: “For the last forty-five years I have been privileged to have had an occasional but regular conversation with Danny about equestrian matters.

“Ironically his huge depth of knowledge, intelligence and seriousness was probably a barrier to many and often removed him from the mainstream training conversation.

“But he was an incisive, precise thinker and a man who cared deeply about both doing things well and doing things humanely.

“Sometimes treasure slips through our collective hands… but I always travel with these words from him:

“‘A well-schooled horse: The horse’s head rotates forward and up at a point just behind the ears, while the lower jaw softens.  Its neck, too, stretches forward and up, into a slight arch, as the back lengthens and widens. The horse’s limb action appears to originate in its back, which indeed is the centre of motion. Breathing is regular, and the back is smoothly pulsating all the time, imparting grace and elasticity to the movement. The expression on the face of the horse is that of great contentment.’”

Molly Sivewright FBHS

F & I Association deeply saddened by the passing of Molly Sivewright FBHS

Molly Sivewright, a Fellow of The British Horse Society and founder of The Talland School of Equitation, passed away on Wednesday 28 August aged 89.

Mrs Sivewright was one of the greatest equestrian instructors this country has seen.  She became a Fellow of The British Horse Society in 1961, was a Fellow of the Institute of the Horse (FIH) and a Fellow of the Association of British Riding Schools.

In 1975, as Chair of the Exams Sub-Committee, Mrs Sivewright introduced the BHS Horse Knowledge and Riding (HK&R) Stage Exams and the BHS Intermediate Teaching Exam into the BHS examination structure.  She was also instrumental in developing the use of anatomy and physiology into the training of horses and wrote two widely acclaimed books in the Thinking Riding series, as well as Lessons on the Lunge for Horse and Rider.

Mrs Sivewright was a List 1 dressage judge and an international judge for show hacks and Arabs.  She also held official authorisation to run courses for judges, riders and horses at national and international standard and enjoyed sharing her knowledge and expertise through a variety of lectures and demonstrations.

Lynn Petersen, Chief Executive of The British Horse Society said: “Molly has left a beautiful legacy for all of us.  She will be missed by her family and friends and The British Horse Society.  Most of all, she will be remembered forever.”

William Miflin

In Memoriam: William Miflin 1968 – 2013.  

William was a great husband, father to Thomas and Georgia, a great horseman and a dedicated and encouraging coach. His premature departure from this world is a sad loss to us all.  William’s enthusiasm for life, his commitment to others and his selfless passion for helping and supporting those around him will be very fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

I first met William in the late 80’s and I have always been struck by his drive and determination with whatever he set his mind to achieving.

He rode successfully at four-star level with the great Passadena II, whom he produced himself and completed five Badminton’s and four Burghley’s.  He achieved an Amada dish in 1997 for five Badminton completions; a remarkable achievement in itself, made even more special as each completion was on Passadena.  As a partnership they were also long listed for two Olympic Games.

In 2000 William achieved his BHSI and also became a BE Accredited Trainer. William’s love and commitment to the Pony Club was evident in the many things that he did, from training winning Pony Club event teams through to stewarding at the Pony Club Championships for three consecutive years.

William bravely battled cancer for several years with the same positive determination that he had shown throughout all walks of his life.  All the while still coaching, helping and supporting others.

William very much appreciated the support that he received from the F and I Association.  One of the last conversations I had with William was about how much he valued and appreciated the support that had been shown to him through the gift of the iPad.  This enabled him to connect to friends unseen and keep abreast with all the news and especially for the very kind and much appreciated donations that will enable Thomas and Georgia to follow in William’s footsteps and continue their riding.  One of William’s great desires was that his children have the opportunity to enjoy and experience equestrian life as he did.

I would like to say “thank you William, you were a great friend, we will all miss you, but I for one know that I shall never forget you”.


Rest in peace, in the great hunting field in the sky.

Lizzel Winter