Morning at Mrs Robeson’s National Hunt yard

We were blessed with lovely Spring weather for the morning at Mrs Robeson’s National Hunt yard in Buckinghamshire. The strike rate for this 24 horse yard since 1st January is looking impressive, 4 winners and numerous placings from the handful that run at this time of the year.

Two FBHS’s, five BHSI’s and 3 guests were treated to watching “happy athletes” in their work. We arrived in time for 2nd lot who were schooling over chase fences and hurdles in a paddock with poles, show jumps, ditches, tyres and barrels which all the horses start over. Then if they don’t want to be a racehorse they can always find another job for them. Read more Morning at Mrs Robeson’s National Hunt yard

Jump training with Kenneth Clawson, F&I Annual Course

As a first timer to this course, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect, however I was quickly put at ease by all! A lovely welcome indeed!

Day 1

Kenneth Clawson our jump trainer for the two days decided to have a theme.

“How do we as riders know what contact, feel and timing is? As coaches how do we teach it? “

A wide topic as these words will and do mean different things to everyone, including me. I was fortunate enough to ride three different horses, of various levels and these words had very different meanings to each of the horses I rode, this depended on the horse’s age, stage of training and horse and rider combination strengths and weaknesses.

Kenneth used his counting of canter strides down the long side from quarter maker to quarter marker in a 23m x 40m area just wider than the average dressage arena. This self-educated riders as it highlighted the horse and riders ability to shorten and lengthen. Or lack of one or other, a constructive exercise as it sharpened up the riders timing while maintaining a comfortable contact with the horse and riders had to remain soft in feel. Read more Jump training with Kenneth Clawson, F&I Annual Course

Dressage Training with Judy Harvey, F&I Annual Course

Having been asked to write the report upon the training I decided rather than report upon my view alone, a more accurate picture would be provided for those unable to attend, if I asked willing participants to summarise their view upon how their experience had benefited them. Responses such as …..

“Great to have fresh solutions to problems and to be able to ride in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere”

“Lovely to see progression between horses and riders between this and the last session with Judy”

“Both trainers were able to identify the same training problems being encountered – great to practice differentiating the aids and variations within the gait to benefit both flat and jump”

“Encouraged me to ride through problems encountered so developing more challenge to me and my horse”….clearly support how successful the sessions were. Read more Dressage Training with Judy Harvey, F&I Annual Course